The Nongov Primary Health Centre Project – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Today, as I head to the project site, I have taken time to respond to some often asked questions. There is still a big need for funds to make sure the deadlines on the project timeline are met. I appreciate every tweet, retweet, other forms of sharing as well as actual donations.
Here are answers to the FAQs:
  • How do you plan to get nurses and community health workers to offer services consistently?

Accommodation and monthly allowance would be provided for the nurses whilst the community health workers would be given monthly stipends and/or some other incentives

  • Where do the people seek health care presently?

Most people take herbs as they cannot afford to go to the hospital. Even those who can afford basic medication are discouraged by the distance to the nearest primary health centre at Tofi, 9km from Nongov.

  • Is it culturally acceptable for women to deliver in a hospital?

Yes, it is. Women are allowed to deliver in the hospital, but either they cannot afford it, or they do not have the means of transportation.

  • Who would be responsible for providing equipment for the centre?

The Benue State Ministry of Health would be responsible for equipping centre.

  • How motivated is the government to ensure drug supply?
  • Is there electricity for simple things like vaccines?

The community is currently not electrified, but provision is being made in the budget for a power generator for regular power supply.

  • Is the 10,000 population true – is this the whole community or each of the smaller hamlets which make up the community?

It is the whole community, comprising several smaller hamlets/villages.

  • How would the potential community health workers be selected?

Announcements will be made at community and religious meetings across the various hamlets/villages calling for people with varied experiences as midwives, health technologists and health educators to apply/indicate interest to be screen for a shortlist of ten (10) most qualified candidates.

  • What will be the roles of the community health workers?

They would support the doctors and nurses in community health education and house-to-house visits and sensitization/enlightenment.

  • How would really sick people be referred and transported to a bigger facility that can handle such cases?

After the clinic has been established, a case would be made for the donation of a vehicle to the clinic.

  • Who would manage the primary health centre?

The resident medical doctor would manage the health centre, with the supervision of a hospital management board, of which he would be a key member.

  • What measures would be/are being taken to ensure that the project actually meets health needs?

A hospital management board is being constituted to ensure lasting relationship with the government, development agencies and all relevant agencies.

  • Where, how and for how long would the community health workers be trained?

The community health workers would be trained with the health centre’s equipment and subsequent advanced trainings may hold outside the community in partnership with the state ministry of health and other relevant bodies.

  • What are the long-term plans for basic, essential drugs? Will it cover immunization needs?

An affordable health insurance scheme is being considered in partnership with the government and a major pharmaceutical company which would ensure regular/constant drug supply.

  • Can training be conducted like halfway into the project as well as retraining such that all is ready and set to go at the commissioning of the facility?

Yes, it can. However, the current plan is to conduct the training after equipping the centre.

  • What other bodies can be collaborated with apart from the local government authorities, e.g. NACA; are there NGOs in the area who could be of help?

Yes. Further options are being explored in order to give the community people the best partnership and as much opportunities as possible. CONTACT DETAILS: For further enquiries concerning the project, kindly call 0803 335 4965 or0802 582 0901, or send an e-mail to

DONATIONS & FINANCIAL SUPPORT FOR THE PROJECT: Through this medium, I solicit financial support and otherwise from everyone who shares in the ideals of this project. Financial support/donations can be paid into the account below. Each donation will be acknowledged and documentation made available at the end of the project, for transparency and easy tracking.

Account Name: AWOMODU Olugbenga Akinsanya

Bank: Ecobank

Account Number: 0061802372

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**For further details about the project, click to download a PDF copy of  The Nongov Community Primary Health Centre Project_ May 2012_ final_ by Gbenga Awomodu.

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