Website Review: Guerilla Basement

Guerilla Basement is a nascent website owned by Wana Udobang, a writer, journalist, and broadcaster. What began as a blog in November 2008, is surely cooking up the content-to-beat. A creative arts-centred website, it offers visitors something on books, film, music, poetry and photography by way of features and news and events on the world of arts.

GB also features interviews of notable Nigerian artists, writers and photographers. Some of the notable interviewees include award-winning Nigerian-Dutch writer, Chika Unigwe, Afro-German performing artist, Bantu, and widely-celebrated London-based Nigerian photographer, Jide Alakija, whose works have been featured a number of times on the site. The website has also featured works from visual artists, including Ananaba Ibeabuchi.

The pair of Tahirah A. and Biodun Adebiyi keeps you refreshed with excellent work presented in a unique voice offering intellectual content and entertainment. Guerilla Basement is like an exotic piece of embroidery in the works, gradually assuming shape in the hands of the master weaver. The truly artsy would love it. The articles on the site are unique and blissfully authentic.

Though a breath of fresh air in its message and discipline – Guerilla Basement is dedicated to providing online content on arts and culture in Nigeria – fans would like to see more content, more vibrancy, and enrichment in the writing. That said, Guerilla Basement is a promising venture by all accounts.


This review was first published in the Issue 5 of Y! Magazine (July-September 2011).

Hello Lasgidi, Let’s catch up!

Moi on the Ropes Course

Hello friends. Last night, I slipped back into Lagos, Nigeria.

It’s been ages away from blogging, no thanks to the mandatory three weeks at Wannune Camp and another ten days in Makurdi, sorting out stuff and making the days count. Amidst a lot of fun and work, I made sure to capture some of the moments in words and pictures. In a few weeks, you should start reading the series of short and interesting blogposts from my various experiences in Benue State so far. I am currently working to ensure they are ready in a very enjoyable format for you: dear friends and GN faithful.

In other related news, I had a feature titled “Long Story Short: What’s On Your Bucket List?” Published on on the day I left for the NYSC camp. Earlier today, “iJebu: Random Notes about Old Nokia Phones, Parachutes, and More”, a short selection of random notes about frugality and technology trends (particularly, phones) was published too.

Also, the “Nigerian Dream” edition (Issue 5) of Y! Magazine is out. Graced with a stunning photograph of Nigeria’s sweetheart, Genevieve Nnaji, it contains several interesting features and yours truly has an article in there as well as a website review. According to a press release on Y! Naija, “… in Bikes, Boats and Balls, ‘Gbenga Awomodu takes a trip through Luxury Lane, profiling Nigeria’s fine breed of bikers, golfers and boat lovers”.

I’m off to catch up on more news and do some blog-rounds. Will be back soon!

Photo credit: Gbenga Awomodu

Last Week in Posts: A Day at the Precious Pearls Home & My Articles in the R.S.V.P Edition of Y! Magazine

Hello friends,

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and a beautiful Easter celebration. Today, the gubernatorial elections held across Nigeria and the conduct in my polling unit in Somolu Local Government Area of Lagos was quite peaceful.

It’s been quite busy in the last few weeks, but I’m happy I’ve been able to keep up with my goal of two blog posts per week (usually on Tuesdays and Fridays). Last Monday, I had a post on Bella Naija. It was a recap of a Christmas event I took part in on Monday 27 December 2010 at the Precious Pearls Orphanage, in the Egbeda Area of Lagos. It was a special experience for me because that was the very first time I would take part in any activity at an orphanage (apart from making donations on different occasions in the past). It was wonderful to share in the fun of the season with the kids at the home. Thereafter, I interviewed Ms. Rita Omovbude, founder of Street Project, the organisation which had organized the event. I am still happy I took the introductory piano lessons that day. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make more significant contributions to the home, as well as similar efforts in the near future. Kindly read the full story by clicking this link: A Day at the Precious Pearls Home with Rita Omovbude and the Street Project Initiative.

In other news, have you seen the latest edition of Y! Magazine, Nigeria’s foremost youth culture magazine at the moment? The Issue 4, tagged the R.S.V.P Edition, is truly a collector’s item. It features a no-holds-barred interview with President Goodluck Jonathan, a first-of-its-kind interview with the president in any print magazine in the country. Anyways, I have two slots in that edition of the magazine! My exclusive interview with Debo Olaosebikan, winner, The Future Awards (Best Use of Science), a PhD student and rap artist at Cornell University, which was first published on, was republished in this special edition Y! Magazine. I also have a website review in the #Hashtag section of the magazine and it is about Naija, Nigeria’s fastest growing online platform for Nigerian writers, at home and in Diaspora.

Keep watching this space as I keep working to bring you more interesting news and general musings. Do have a productive week ahead! GN

Photo credit: Gbenga Awomodu;

Blog Review: In Search of Progress

A place to be!

Hi friends! I recently wrote a blog review for Y! Magazine. Here’s an excerpt. Kindly follow the link below to finish up the post. Cheers!

IF YOU are bored and/or appalled by the plethora of negative news content about Africa today, then may just be your closest soothing balm! It comes from a now popular angle: For long, the world has focused on the things that are wrong about Africa – poverty, disease, hunger, war and strife, but there are extremely inspiring and beautiful stories coming out of the continent…

Finish up blog review here: