Friday Review: The Perfect Church, a Book by Ebi Akpeti

Ebi Akpeti’s The Perfect Church is a tale of lies, conviction, repentance and grace. It deftly explores the deceitful nature of many who struggle as Christians, beyond the veil of titles and religious activities. Pastor Benson is the head of The Perfect Church, and proudly so, but a rare visit by Pastor Williams reveals more than a crack in the wall, and you just want to find out how perfect a church could really be. Other familiar characters like Mr. & Mrs. Ojo, the ideal couple, Brother Tony, the head usher, Sister Angela, the choir leader and head of the Singles’ Fellowship, as well as Mr. Banana, a politician spice up a beautiful plot. Despite a string of typos, which make the reading slightly bumpy for the curious reader, Ebi brings to the fore, again, the disturbing tales of hypocrisy which thrives in many places of worship in this generation. She also highlights the benefits of genuine repentance and the untold doom that often awaits the obstinate sheep. If you are looking for a quick, entertaining yet inspiring read suitable for an otherwise boring 90-minute transit, this book should do the magic for you.

Title: The Perfect Church
Author: Ebi Akpeti
Pages: 60
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978-1-4490-6676-5 (sc)
Publisher: Sub-Saharan Press
Year of Publication: 2010