Guest Post: “Of One”, a Poem by Michelle Chikezie


Many a time
Too big we look,
But blinder the greater

Many a time
We do not realise
Nothing on its own is

‘Bits-of’ make ‘big-ons’
Not oceans but hand locked drops,
Organs only heart-merged cells,
Building of humble blocks,
Devoted lines of rain pour
A world of nations,
Nations of natives,
Natives in families

Dear and near
The red roses aglow,
Small and large alike
Treading tearing thorns

Tree breeds twigs,
Tree feeds twigs
Tree needs twigs to feed
Twigs need feed of tree
Tree and twigs are one.
Twigs hurt, tree hurts,
Tree happy, twig happy

Connect to conquer
No crushing competition
Love to liberty
For all, down to you.

(c) Michelle Chikezie, August 2010

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Guest Post: “Your Eyes” (An Ode to Wunmi) by Michelle Chikezie


Your eyes are beautiful
Resting on slim shapely ridges
Smoothing silkily over your brown skin,
Strands of dark curvy hairs on shiny roots
Sprouted in perfect straying harmony.
They are beautiful, your eyes.

They continually wear a crown
Or stretching salute from skin
The lashes like lovely little greenies
Sweet springing fertility,
Responding to restrict orders.
They are altogether beautiful.

On them, a pattern
Of tiny blood paths
Flaunting red blood of life
On the dewy glittery white eye
Beautiful I see them.

Then the crafty charming pupils
Brown and fair like a brown sun
The filaments, like the tenderness
Of a Dove, all point to the middle sum
Your eyes are wonder FULL

When you are sad
When you are happy
When you are tired
And worried
Your eyes, they tell me so.

Your eyes are windows to the world
And doors to your heart
Your eyes, your eyes
Your beautiful eyes.

(c) Michelle Chikezie, May 2010
Michelle Chikezie is currently a student at the Nigerian Law School, Abuja.

In Retrospect: The Poem for Michelle

For Michelle (Happy Birthday)

Yellow pawpaw,
Plum and in full plume
May your beauty never wane
Sweet angel, Angel Michey
Sweeter than the sweetest bagel

Our Esther, shining star
Oriental ruby, radiant as ever
May your rising sun never go down,
And your light never cease to glitter
Garments ever cleaner

May your brilliance never thaw
Joy of a family, hope of a nation
Desire of men, promise of a future
A future more glorious
Splendid till the perfect day

Your crest shall never fall
Blessing to the world
Crispy as corn flakes
Slender and delicate,
Yet resolved as steel
Born on the last day
End of an era
Dawn of a new day
Delight of the seraphs

If I were God,
To you I would give a pod
Filled with sweets and good tidings,
Long life and prosperity without strife
But, I am not God,
He’ll give you more

©Gbenga Awomodu, May 2010


P.S: I wrote this poem to celebrate a dear friend earlier in the year. I thought to share it here because it reminds me of the impact we can make in other people’s lives when we step out of our own world to appreciate them. Looking back, I believe this is one of my most memorable pieces of writing this year. As the year winds down, I would like to encourage you to continually lead a selfless life and endeavour to appreciate the people God has placed around you and in your life. It is so easy to overlook/underplay the importance of familiar friends! Stop thinking too much about just you and you alone. Share God’s love this season with your loved ones and the most random of people. Cheers!!!