Call for Submissions: Klorofyl Magazine (Lifestyle Edition)

Deadline: 10 May 2011

Topics are open to discussion. What do YOU like to read about?

Sports: Your favourite. Football, Tennis, Basket Ball, Quidditch? Tell us something we don’t already know.

Music: Review albums of your best artistes, introduce us to a little-known genre, artiste, dance.

Books: Your favourite books, tell us why. Ditto, favourite authors. Quotes you’ll never forget. What book changed your life and how?

Icons: Political, Entertainment.

Food: Recipes. Local Cuisine, Great restaurants/bukas in your neighbourhood

Movies: Which ones are you seeing? Which ones do you eagerly anticipate? Which ones won’t you be seeing? Why? Your top ten of all time? Why?

Hobbies: Can you play the clarinet while riding on horseback? Tell us!

Gear/Gadgetry: Review gadgets. The soon-to-be-released iPhone 5. Why you use a Motorola. Fly Like A G-6…What a G-6 is. Why you won’t be buying an iPad. Android OS For Dummies: Write it!

Love: Your take on it. How to get over heartbreak. How NOT to get over heartbreak.

Make-up, Beauty, Fashion: What’s trending? What has out-stayed its welcome? How can I do my eyebrows without looking permanently startled?

Gist Me: About work, about night-life in your city, about college life and its idiosyncrasies.

And on and on. Basically, everything is up for grabs. As long as it’s witty, fun, informative and clean, it stands a chance.

Submissions to Please include “Lifestyle” in the subject. Submission deadline: May 10, 2011.

So go ahead. Write It. Submit It. You know you want to.

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Call for Submissions: “The Habitat Issue” of Klorofyl, an Online Literary and Art Magazine

Deadline: 10 May 2011

habitat_ abode. domain. mileu. home. environs. haunt. locale. habitation. neighbourhood. domicile. household. environment. realm. territory. ambit. residence. dwelling. How would you interpret the theme ‘Habitat’? Is a Habitat home, or your country? Does it invoke images of exotic species in the wild? Do you think of it as Africa, or the comfort of friendship?

Klorofyl, an online literary, graphic and lifestyle magazine, welcomes submissions towards its second Issue: The Habitat issue

Let’s have all of it: poetry, photography, digital art, short stories, prose, opinion. Throw in comics, musings, quotes, doodles … Features are welcome as well, but do send in a proposal first. What does the theme say to you? Let’s hear it.

You may, of course, also explore other themes apart from this issue’s for your writing and art. Entries must be received by May 10, 2011, and sent, by attachment, to Send in a picture and short bio (that gives your age and current location, and what you currently do), as well. Shortlisted contributors will be contacted by our editors.

Contact Information:

For inquiries:

For submissions: