On Becoming a Man: The Fundraiser’s Diary – Part 1

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.” – Lowell Lundstrum

Exactly a month ago today, it was my birthday and I enjoyed accolades and well wishes from friends and fans – even though I am far from being a celebrity. I appreciate all the kind words, prayers, FB messages, twitter shout-outs, and much more. God bless you all! Today’s post is an attempt to tap the left side left of my chest and whisper to self, “All izz vell!

At the beginning of March 2012, I wrote: “Over-analysis often leads to inertia, and inertia could send your lofty, achievable dreams to an early grave. Take charge today; take one more progressive step towards your destination. Expand your thinking and leave your comfort zone. Grab some courage.” That particular blog post was inspired by a personal struggle – in fact, it was primarily a note to self. But according to a popular saying: those who can, do; those who can’t, teach. Theory is easy. Let’s get practical!

Remember, I mentioned a project I had been working on for a while? If you have been to some of the interiors of Nigeria, as much as you might enjoy abundance of nature’s gifts, food and the likes, the lack of certain infrastructure soon makes you miss the urban comfort. I discovered a remote community in the Buruku Local Government Area of Benue State last January, during an Evangelism outreach as a member of the Nigeria Christian Corpers’ Fellowship. We did as much as we could. Beyond preaching, we gave relief materials, provided medical services, and engaged in social activities like bathing the kids, cutting their hair, plaiting the women and girls’ hair, among other things. The encounter stirred up something more in our hearts and some members decided to return sometime later to attempt sustainable community development projects. Two people have built a block of three classrooms each, but much more is still needed to bring required attention to this community that lacks electricity.

Since February 2012, when I started making findings and eventually decided on how I could give in tangible ways, it has been an experience. I have been involved in raising awareness for charity in the past, even here on BellaNaija.com, but I must say I commend the efforts of those who go out of their way to speak for people who need a voice to plead their cause. Some progress is being made in my bid to make sure a primary health centre is established in the Nongov community of Buruku Local Government Area, where there is a dire need for such infrastructure. Here are some of my lessons, albeit funny.
Firstly, you may be too busy to write a beautiful, perfect prose that would move the readers enough to give. I tell you, ‘begging’ for money is one of the hardest things you could do on earth! In the process advocating, ‘begging’ for money, paying regular visits to the project site, follow-up on letters, attending meetings, and conducting further research, there is obviously not much time left for writing such prose!

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