On Becoming a Man: Birthday Musings – It’s Reflection Time

“So teach [us] to number our days, that we may apply [our] hearts unto wisdom.” – Psalm 90:12

Yes, we meet again in a bit. And, I feel old. No, I feel young. Honestly, I feel… I refuse to be confused!

Today, I hit the midpoint of the twenties and I get that feeling that I am not that young anymore. I remember birthday celebrations in the elementary school – the days of good ol’ Cabin biscuit packets and assorted sweets. The ideal was two packets, but if your parents were more financially comfortable, you had a big cake, three or even four square packets of Cabin and lots of chocolate to complement, plus Ribena or Caprisonne drinks for everyone. On rare occasions, when we had multiple celebrants, it was heaven on earth. At home, birthday parties in the neighbourhood were a delight, though sometime in Primary 6, an incident happened that made me stop attending such events. I had attended a friend’s younger sister’s birthday and we had done the usual MJ steps and all, but the celebrant’s mum made a passing comment that suggested I was probably the oldest kid at the event (of course there were some adults around), and it filtered into my ears. The shy ‘me’ who had made superb efforts to have fun could not allow it rest. Thus, began my overly bookish years in the secondary school. I decided to attend a Boys-only secondary school in order to focus on ‘the more important things’…

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    awwwww….well its like everyone of us have something that happened to us in our childhood that makes us to see things in life from that perspective and see what God has made out of you now..
    lovely reflective musings. cant say much except for that…
    because its a musing and its touching..i guess thats what reflections make one feel

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