Nigerian Environmental Study/Action Team Organises NEST at 25 Youth Essay Competition – Deadline, June 20th

Deadline: Wednesday 20th June 2012
Word Limit: Not more than 10,000 words

To mark her 25th Anniversary, the Nigerian Environmental Study/Action Team (NEST) is organising an Essay Competition for young people aged 14 – 30 years old. Essays (not more than 10, 000 words) on the topic ‘THE NIGERIAN ENVIRONMENT AND HUMAN SECURITY’ are invited from the youth in three (3) categories:

1) Secondary school students
2) Undergraduates, and
3) Postgraduate students and young graduates

OTHER RULES: Essays must be accompanied by the curriculum vitae of the authors, and submitted electronically to reach the undersigned at and, not later than 20th June, 2012.

Awards will be made to the three best essays submitted in each category, at a ceremony during the “NEST AT 25″ Conference on the 26th of July, 2012.

BACKGROUND: NEST is one of Nigeria’s foremost environmental Non-Governmental Organizations. It was founded by a group of environmentalists within and outside Nigeria in 1987. NEST has since made significant contributions through research, pilot projects, public policy, raising public awareness and education on environmental and sustainable development issues. NEST is marking her 25th anniversary, among other ways, by holding this competition, with the hope of stimulating interest in the youth, who own the future, on the varied dimensions of the environment problematique. The physical dimensions of environmental degradation, like soil and gulley erosion, desertification and encroaching sand dunes, silting up and drying up of water bodies, growing scarcity of forest resources and loss of biodiversity, mounting garbage in the cities and air pollution leading to climate change, are readily observable. But how these environmental failures affect our daily lives, beyond the material shortages and discomfort they create is infrequently considered. Nigeria is at present experiencing an abnormally high level of human insecurity in various forms. Is there a link with our degrading environment? To what extent do conflicts arising from contests for environmental resources – space, farm or grazing land, water and fisheries or just forest resources – underlie the rising level of insecurity in the country? It is hoped that essayists in this competition will explore these dimensions of the impact of the environment, to enhance our appreciation of the consequences of inadequate attention to the environment.

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