Photo Story: What strikes you in this picture, aside the Rainbow?

Some months back, I suddenly found a rainbow in the beautiful sky from my office window. I couldn’t resist the urge to capture the scenery using a colleague’s Samsung S4. Here’s what I got:

Rainbow on a beautiful Lagos afternoon

However, there was something else striking aside the rainbow; the next image captures it. It’s almost glaring! See if you can find what exactly I’m thinking about below:

What strikes you in this picture, aside the rainbow?

Please let me know what it is in the Comments section and I will announce in my next blogpost on Saturday, August 9th, 2014. I will pick two winners randomly and there’ll be surprise gifts for them! :)

Do enjoy the rest of your weekend, and have a fabulous new week.

Music Video: Majemu by Dimeji & the NCR band

Today, I share a music video by Dimeji Olayinka-Israel. I had the privilege of being part of rehearsals and recordings for his forthcoming album and, while you’ll have to wait for my detailed reviews of the songs on the album later in the year, you can take a peep into what’s to come by watching the video of Dimeji below. The lyrics have been translated into English for non-Youruba-speaking folks. Be blessed and enjoy the rest of the weekend! :)

Thinking about Crossroads


“And having once chosen, never to seek to return to the crossroads of that decision-for even if one chooses wrongly, the choice cannot be unmade.”
― Jacqueline CareyKushiel’s Chosen

“Indecision is the reluctance or inability to pass a judgment on an issue under consideration. Indecision means you have come to crossroads and you cannot make your mind.” ― Israelmore AyivorThe Great Hand Book of Quotes

“Stand at the crossroads if you will, but if you’ll not choose, I’ll move on without you” ― Jacqueline CareyKushiel’s Dart


Crises as springboards to greater heights – Part 1

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Those were words attributed to Sir Winston Churchill from many decades ago.

With the speedy help of Google, I found out that a crisis can be defined as any of the following:

  1. a time of intense difficulty or danger.
  2. a time when a difficult or important decision must be made.
  3. the turning point of a disease when an important change takes place, indicating either recovery or death.

One word that jumps at me again and again from Churchill’s admonition above is the adjective “good”. Can a crisis be good? What makes one crisis good and the other bad? Perhaps it is all about attitude – how we respond to periods of intense difficulty or danger when they arise in our lives, and/or in the lives of friends and loved ones. As long as we live, we will always encounter crises, and crises come to us in various forms.

Certain events in my life over the past year or two easily qualified as crises and they have come a long way in helping me to reflect on life and the purpose for which I am here. I am grateful to be alive and still standing, in spite of the thorns and thistles that have tested my resolve and helped to build my faith in God.

What do you think about crises; is there such a thing as a good crisis? Care to share your experience and thoughts? Please feel free to do so in the comments section below. I will be back next week.