Asa’s “Bimpe” & the New Blog Posting Schedule for Gbenga’s Notebook!

It’s been quite a while –over a week actually, that I last made a post on this blog. I’ve been thinking about it and realised it would be a lot better to put proper structure to the frequency of posts here. From now on, every Tuesday and Friday, I will post new content to this blog and provide links to my articles, interviews, and short stories when they are published on other web portals. Occasionally, there may be a third day of posting.

In the coming weeks and months, I will be doing guest posts (on other blogs) and getting published on several platforms, but you can be sure to get the links here. I will also provide exclusive “Behind-the-Scene” tales here –what you will hardly see anywhere else. I have done a number of Interviews on and I think you mind find some of the intricacies involved in putting those interviews together quite interesting. I will be sharing how I met some of the interviewees and why I decided to interview them; how energy-sapping and emotionally challenging some have been and a host of other bonus stuff.

About three weeks ago, I wrote a narrative lyrical analysis of “Bamidele”, a bonus track on Beautiful Imperfections, Asa’s sophomore album. Asa is one of Nigeria’s most respected musicians/guitarists at the moment and she has toured Nigeria, the United States, France and several other countries in Europe. I enjoy her music a lot and the beautiful, often playful, way she presents her satire. She is a social critic who does her thing with a bias for the Yoruba Language. That language is filled with a lot of poetry and idioms that only very few people can interpret exactly. But that’s for another day.

After my analysis of that track (Bamidele), many of the readers on BN pleaded for a similar post for “Bimpe”, another beautiful piece which could have easily been my favourite, if not that it’s not as slow as “Bamidele”. You can read the full narrative lyrical analysis on Asa’s Bimpe on BellaNaija here. Kindly let me know via your comments here, what you think about the new posting schedule on this blog and what you think of my narrative analyses on those two songs from Asa’s sophomore album! -GN!

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  1. xyz says

    Only yesterday I was just thinking to myself…its been a while I gpt a mail from Egbe’s diary, I just expect to see one whenever I check my box!
    The schedule is ok but of course you can err on the side of the more posts.
    I’ve been following you for a while now and I must say kudos, want to be like you when I grow up, seriously.
    I’d like you e-mail addy if thts alright with ya, thnks.

    • says

      Hi xyz,

      Thanks for the kind words.

      I didn’t feel so good when I couldn’t make a new blog post all the while. Hopefully, this new structure will ensure that there’s always new content every week. And, yes, you can expect more posts too…

      For the e-mail addy, you can easily obtain that from the “Copyright” message on the homepage. Otherwise, I just sent you an e-mail.

      lol@ “…want to be like you when I grow up…”

  2. says

    Hello gbenga. Had read year article about change of blog name from egbe,s diary to gbenga,s notebook. It was fun reading.*smiles* interestingly humourous journey. I like ur depth of thought. Well its also good to know u have more intereting topics to share. That’s good. Carry on gbenga!

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