Asa’s “Bibanke”: A Narrative Lyrical Analysis

Bibanke, a track from Asa‘s first album, is a dirge for love lost. It is a cliche tale of the natural death that love experiences when one of the two parties in a relationship senses danger signals early on in a relationship, but continues to fall deeper into the abyss, until they suddenly hit rock bottom. Sorrow is inevitable as the obsession grips the narrator from verse one:

I wake up I see you as you leave
I feel it, I see it as you leave
When we kiss I want deep, but you’re far away

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  1. says

    ASA!!!…now thats an artist that sins with lyrics!!! and i hope we begin to have more artistes who sing with lyrics everytime a song is about to be released.
    we have this noisy bar beside our apartment and all they play is jargon.from the songs playing, i realize that most of our ppl dont want to work or do anything anymore.even the crazy ones in america like gaga etc have lyrics and so the reason why we know more about what she’s saying and where she’s coming from bt nigerian artistes think our people just want to dance and dance without reflecting on life or singing a soulful song
    a country is described by its music and if nigeria continues like this, we might not have any good music left in our country except we borrow from another.
    i love country music and i acknowledge some of america’s finest because they make me reflect, smile and wonder how talent is being celebrated.some ppl think me strange but i tell you, to be a good writer, you dont need noise!…neither do you want it and thats why we see other countries developing because they invent, reflect and create while we copy them in music and everything
    music hits the soul and asa’s music has indeed hit home…to the soul..i could listen to the song and sleep with a smiling face, knowing that i have a lover greater than any earthly lover who can console me
    mr. gbenga awomodu!!!..well done sir

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